How to Become a Professional Poker Player

There’s a great blog post at Pokerati titled “Finding a Groove” that describes one player’s experience learning how to become a professional poker player. Some of the points in the post that I particularly enjoyed follow:

  1. Professional poker is a field that’s always accepting applicants. And you don’t need a new tie or an updated resume in order to apply.
  2. As a professional poker player, you get to be your own boss.
  3. Some people find playing poker professionally more fulfilling than their former careers.
  4. Making money using your wits is thrilling.

What specific advice about becoming a professional poker player did I take away from the blog post?

  1. Take the game seriously.
  2. Read hand discussions on poker forums.
  3. Track your results.
  4. Read about the game of poker.
  5. Think about the game of poker.
  6. Have a comfortably large bankroll.
  7. Keep your day job when you’re learning.
  8. Treat being a pro poker player as a learning experience.
  9. Remember that you have to learn about more than just poker strategy and poker odds if you want to succeed.

Anyway, that’s just a brief summary of some of the more general information in the post at Pokerati. Go read the original post in its entirety. If you want to learn how to become a professional poker player, it’s must-reading.