Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is as important to me as is my own. Unfortunately there are many confused arguments regarding personal privacy and the Internet. I want to make this privacy statement as clear as possible. It will be updated as necessary.

Your visit to this Website is recorded in a Web server log. The log file records the IP address you use to reach this site, the date and time of your visit, every file that your browser requests, the operating system of the computer you use, and the browser’s own special data. Depending on how you got hear, the log file may also record information about where you clicked on a link to reach this site.

Because this site is published via the popular WordPress platform your browser may create a cookie for this site to help it “remember” which pages you have seen. You are not required to log in to any page on this domain, nor to provide me with any personally identifying information such as your email address, name, etc. unless you should choose to leave a comment.

You may find advertising on this site. That advertising may or may not create cookies in your browser. Advertising cookies are typically managed by the ad-serving networks and I have no control over them. Depending on the advertising network I may be using for this site during your visit you may have the opportunity to visit a page for that network and “opting out” of their consumer tracking activity.

By visiting this site and browsing its content you acknowledge that you are aware of this privacy policy and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Gambler’s Corner (, its owners, agents, staff, and other representatives from any and all legal claims you may assert against advertising networks used by this Website.