Here are Some Live Texas Hold’em Tips for You

In today’s technology reliant age it is not uncommon for a poker player’s only taste of the game to have come from playing online. This is all well and good but what happens if you manage to qualify for the WSOP 2014 and you suddenly have to leave the comfort of your favourite chair and rub shoulders with real-life poker players? Hopefully, with these few tips you will be able to make a quick and easy transition from an online Texas Hold’em player to a fully fledged live version.

Obviously the rules are exactly the same but one area new players always seem to struggle with is acting in turn or having to be continually prompted by the dealer or other players at the table when it is their turn to act. Online it is impossible to act out of turn as when it is your turn to act your table will pop up and if you do not act within a few seconds you get an audible warning. Live you have to follow the action and act only when it is your turn. This means not folding or shaping to fold or reaching for chips to bet until the person to your direct right has acted, otherwise you can alter how the hand would have played out.

Should you find yourself playing poker WSOP 2014 then be aware anything verbal is binding. If you announce that you are going to call then you have to call, likewise raising and folding. Of course you can try and gain some information by asking something like “do you want a call?” but if you say “I call” then you will be forced to call whatever sized bet is out in front of you.

Online the size of the pot and your opponent’s chip stacks are displayed next to them with a handy digital display but obviously this is not the case in a casino! Counting chips is a skill that comes with experience but to aid you, you should try to follow the action as best as you can and add up the bets and raises as you go. Also, be aware most poker players try to stack their chips in piles of 20 to make them easier for counting but if you are in doubt you can ask your opponent for a count or the dealer to spread the pot out so you can count it a little easier.

Finally, try to enjoy yourself as live poker is an amazing experience. Do not be afraid of making a mistake at the table as you will be surrounded by like-minded people who love the game just as much as you. Good luck!