An Introduction to Online Poker for the Mac

While many online poker rooms are severely lacking in options for playing poker online for mac, there are a few ways to remedy this situation. First of all you can look to the growing number of companies that offer a mac card room, many of the more more established players in the online poker industry have created options for Mac users on the side. You can always give your business to these companies, many of whom are just as reputable if not more reputable that poker sites that do not offer a Mac option. One of the main selling points for playing poker on a Mac is that there are many, many less Mac viruses out there and when playing a program for real money you want to make sure that your account details and personal information as well as the information on your computer are completely secure and the best way to do this is play on a Mac.

You can also play online poker for mac by installing a Windows emulator, which allows you to run Windows and for all intents and purposes become a Windows machine. This is only an option for newer, Intel based Macs and will not work on many Macs made before 2005. After this step all you need to do is install the program on the Windows partition on your drive and play it just like you would on a Windows PC.

There are a couple sites that offer online poker for Macs exclusively. While the client base is not huge, they will cater to your needs and make sure that all of your Mac compatibility issues will be a thing of the past. If you can’t find any software or hardware solution to your problem just change companies.

If neither of these solutions make it possible for you to play online poker for mac you can always contact the site of your choice and ask if they offer a flash solution- which is a poker room that deploys in your browser and it does not matter if the computer you are using is Mac or a PC. If all else fails try writing the site of your choice and ask if they are in development of a Mac poker client or if they have plans to in the future. If they say no, short of buying a new computer you really have no options.