6 Gambling History Articles You Really Should Read

You may be thinking you don’t need to know anything about the history of gambling but if you want to up your game in the conversational area then here are five great articles that will help you come up to speed on the history of gambling.  And you just may be able to stump your buddies with a few tough questions they won’t know the answers to.  Maybe you can play a game of 20 Questions with them and win some easy money.

If you’re serious about studying the history of games you’ll find plenty of obscure information available online but I’m not proposing that you become an expert in ancient Egyptian board games.  I just think that as a gambler you’ll appreciate knowing something about where your favorite games originated.

We’ll start with A Brief History of Board Games.  Not really about modern casino games, this is still a good introduction to the advancement of board games through the ages.  Casino games like roulette and craps were influenced by board games.  Your friends may not know that.

Next you’ll want to read through a History of Craps and Casinos, which is an eye-opener for anyone who has never taken the time to learn about the game of craps.  Craps is almost a distinctly American game even though it was borrowed from an English game by a Frenchman.  Heck, I just love the melting pot history of this game.

Do you know why some slot machines use fruit symbols?  Check out this article to learn where slot machines got their fruit symbol history.  This article is packed with dynamite trivia to help you stump your friends.  You just may be surprised at what you don’t know about slot machines.

Today’s hot poker game is Hold’Em, especially since it was popularized in the James Bond film “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig a few years back.  While you may really enjoy Hold’Em you might be able to stump your buddies by asking them questions about Red Dog Poker.  You can read about the history of Red Dog Poker and maybe learn something about how to play the game, too.

Do you know where roulette came from?  Its history is shrouded in myth and mystery.  Here is a great FAQ about roulette that explains what historians really can confirm about roulette.

Finally, if you have ever wondered where the online casinos got their start you just may be surprised at how old they really are.  You’ll find that Wikipedia doesn’t have the answer.  Check out this guide and history of online gambling sites to learn more.

There are, I am sure, more great articles out there that tell you all about the history of gambling and gambling games.  When you have a little time to kill it’s always a good measure to read up on your favorite passtimes because you just never know when you’ll need that information.  Better yet, I think learning something new every day makes us better rounded individuals.